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Internal Communication
Internal Communication


Are your employees informed sufficiently about the coming change and do they understand why this change is necessary? Then it is time for the next phase. What is the position of the individual employee regarding the change? Does he or she have a positive or a negative feeling about this? What is needed to have the employee accept the change and to recognize positive aspects?

Accepting is a process

Even after the most enthusiastic presentation about the need for a change, there will still be doubts amongst your employees. Accepting means that someone understands what is expected of him, how and when. And that he is going to bring this into practice with enthusiasm.

In practice

Your employee needs time to accept the change. Take your employees seriously and let them accompany you in the process. Not everybody has the same background and the same information level, so often an individual approach is needed. It can be necessary to take a step back when someone did not understand the information or the reason for the change.

People do not like changes they did not initiate themselves. By coordinating everything as good as possible with the individual, the acceptance of the change will become easier. Answering questions like; what does it mean for you; how big is the impact on your work; how are we going to help you; where can I ask my questions; are very relevant here.


Acceptance is a continuous process and no defined moment. It is essential to stay on the ball over a longer period and make adjustments where necessary. We support you in setting up a structural plan to support the acceptance process.