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Internal Communication
Internal Communication


Even if your employees accept the change as you propose it, under the surface resistances and doubts will remain to exist. You ask your employees to act and think differently about the new situation. With structural and focused communication you see to it that your employees will not relapse in old behavior.

Tips for embedding

  • Identify possible resistances via focus groups
  • Provide open communication channels
  • Provide good working instructions via manual or intranet
  • Communicate the positive developments of the change
  • Make desired behavior visible: role model
  • Communicate the social norm: did you know that ...% of your colleagues...
  • Use ambassadors for interviews
  • Hold on to the attention via posters, staff magazine or intranet
  • Support managers with work meetings and 1-on-1 conversations

New situation

Embedding a change is an essential part. In case of insufficient attention, there is a chance that your employees relapse in old behavior and the change fails. BrandVitals supports you with a structural approach for the successful implementation of your change.

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