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Internal Communication
Internal Communication


Interaction is needed to come to acceptance. Preferably during the change process, individual conversations are planned. What is going on with the individual employee? Why is a certain change easy or difficult to accept for someone? Do personal circumstances play a role? Are small adjustments possible to make the change easier to accept?


The best interaction is to enter into a dialog. Listening, have employees share ideas, put forward and possibly implement practical solutions. When an individual approach is not possible than the use of other tools to create interaction are advisable. Think of questionnaires, a special e-mail address for questions, webcasts or in-depth follow-up sessions with small groups.


The interaction process has to be organized. Starting a dialog can be done always and everywhere. But does the dialog take place with all those involved and all stakeholders? Are the principles and intended objectives of the dialog clear to everyone? Is everyone sufficiently equipped to enter into the dialog? And what to do with the results? BrandVitals helps you with a pragmatic approach supporting this process.

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