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Internal communication
Internal communication

Power of repetition

Communicate once is the same as not communicating at all. Your message will be lost. Do you want everyone to know exactly what's going on, then you will need to communicate several times through several communication channels.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat

To get your message across you will have to repeat it several times. Following are some tips for an optimal participation from your employees in your presentation:

  • Send a pre-notification with a short explanation
  • Send the invitation for the presentation on time
  • Send a reminder shortly before
  • Provide visual communication; posters, desk drops, animations
  • Give a powerful and clear presentation about the key message
  • Send a brief summary with follow up, planning, Q&A
  • Make sure that people talk things over after department meetings
  • Keep communicating progress for a certain period of time
  • Create interaction via e-mail, intranet, peer groups


By frequently bringing your message to the attention of your employee, via several media, your message will become meaningful.  We help you with the set-up of such a communication process. A creative approach that makes your message stand out. With as a result committed and proactive employees.

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