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Internal Communication
Internal Communication


Each change starts with informing your employees. Often the management has already been working on the preparation for months and has had many discussions. So your employees have a large information gap. Your employees lack all backgrounds, insights, considerations, and conditions. That is not necessary in all cases, what is important is that you make sure that your employees can follow everything you do. How are you going to address this in the information phase?

Communication during the information phase

  • Start with informing people what the change entails and when it will become effective
  • Describe the context why this change is necessary, ensure a 'sense of urgency'
  • Explain the change step by step
  • End with a short summary of the most important changes, when they start and what the next steps are

The information phase of a change is essential. It is the first time the employee receives the information and this will lead to questions or commotion. BrandVitals helps you with an optimal preparation of the information phase and will quickly inform your employees with the right information.

See also our animation film: 'Information gap in changes' about this subject!