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Internal Communication
Internal Communication

Awareness material

Besides making 'comprehensible' what changes are coming and what these entail, it is also important to make these literally visible. An e-mail or memo is not enough to create fast and broad attention for your message. Good visible means help to adequately inform your employees.

Being noticed

Take a walk in your company to look for places where employees often pass, stay or gather. Which places are suitable to use certain communication means?

  • Posters are very effective to attract attention
  • A desk-drop for office employees is the first they will find
  • A placemat or card on the table during lunchtime is a possibility
  • Postcards in lockers of production employees will get noticed
  • Pushing a flash screen via your network is very effective

Do's and don'ts

Only reasonably easy information can be communicated this way. Lunchtime is not the time to deliver difficult detailed information successfully.

Make sure that the material is refreshed regularly and that it is being removed at the end of the campaign. This way you can hold the attention.

Even though your employees visit the toilet regularly – this is not the place to display company information. Or it has to be relevant information such as 'turn of the light’ or 'wash your hands'.

Conscious and unconscious effect

The use of visible means is essential in internal communication. Several times a day your employees are being confronted with your message in strategically chosen places, consciously and unconsciously. Your message will be remembered quicker and will lead to conversations about the subject in the company of others. BrandVitals supports you with different awareness tools for a successful internal communication campaign.

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