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Internal Communication
Internal Communication

Celebrate milestones

All employees together determine the culture of an organization. Focused attention on each other is important to maintain, underline or improve this culture. Often we start a project or change with a lot of communication, but underway we forget to consider what we have accomplished already. Or we forget to mark a clear endpoint.

The journey

Projects can take months or even years. Often it is difficult for project members to see if real progress is being made. Often the focus is only on the end; when is it ready.  Consider a project as a journey with several highlights underway. Cut the project in sub-projects or phases with clearly marked interim milestones to celebrate.

The reward

There are many ways to celebrate a milestone, from cake all around to a unique present. Of course the most important is the attention of the management for the achieved success so far.

 It is a good thing to celebrate milestones with the entire organization. To mark the end of the quarter or when reaching the sales targets. The day with the highest production or an anniversary. Reflect on what is being realized in the organization and make this visible for the entire organization. Make time to celebrate successes together. Nothing contributes more to a good company culture than joint experiences. And festive moments are certainly part of these experiences.


BrandVitals supports you with creative ideas and solutions to celebrate your milestones. Big or small, but always appropriate for the occasion and with a right qualitative implementation. With, as a result, motivated employees taking on the next challenge with new energy.

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