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Internal Communication
Internal Communication

Instruction material

Change takes time and attention but also needs concrete action. Do your people know exactly what you expect from them, what they have to do exactly? You told them but …will that be enough?

Support the change process

Instruction material plays an important role in supporting the change process. You want your employees to reshuffle their activities, do things differently. Then it is necessary to give them optimal support in doing so.

Internal instruction tools

The implementation of changes can be recorded in instruction tools such as manuals and working instructions. But it can also be necessary to organize training sessions or workshops for employee groups. To keep the change in the spotlight an internal campaign can be designed using posters, bulletins or e-mails.


BrandVitals supports you with the development and the use of instruction material. Think of manuals, information bulletins, working instructions, and procedures. But also an intranet, posters, checklists and instruction cards.

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