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When do I need a consultant? What can’t I do myself? What do I not know myself? What do I want in a consultant? Many of our clients struggle with these questions. Stop struggling and ask us what we can do for you!

BrandVitals has consultants that provide their expertise with advice- and/or implementation services in the area of internal communication. You can involve our consultants for example in the following phases of a project:

  • Strategy and inventory
  • Analysis
  • Development and implementation
  • Coaching and support
  • Evaluation

Do you have plans to hire a consultant and are you looking for a reliable advisor to solve your problem? Contact us to clearly define the problem and to explore the possible solutions. 

Contact information:

BrandVitals BV
Chopinstraat 31
4837 BD Breda
The Netherlands

Phone +31(0)76 5616536
Fax +31(0)76 5616538

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