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Intranet communication

Does your company have an intranet or are you thinking about using an intranet? Then integrate your intranet in your internal marketing and communication plans. Intranet can play a central role in spreading information, interaction with your employees, cooperation and knowledge sharing. We support you with the integration and design of your internal communication via the intranet.

Regarding the implementation of an intranet portal we support you with the project communication

Push or Pull communication

When using an intranet portal for internal communication a well-considered communication plan is essential. Often the actual use of the intranet by the employees is disappointing because it is seen to be the voice of the board. Board and management only push information about the company. Employees search actively for information about their direct working environment and activities. HR-communication can meet these needs.


BrandVitals has much experience with project-communication regarding the implementation of SharePoint. We can also support you with the details of the SharePoint Communication Portal.

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