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Second Opinion

You have just completed your internal communication plan and are about to execute the plan. But do you wonder if you have made the right choices, based on the right principles? Have you taken into account possible setbacks and opposition? Did you formulate the right answers to the right questions?


Via the Second Opinion BrandVitals analyses the strong and weak points of your internal communication plan and discusses the improvement points with you.

  • Intake with transfer and explanation of the plan
  • Analysis and evaluation of your plan by an experienced advisor
  • Discussion on the conclusions during a sounding board session
  • A report with concrete recommendations and improvements
  • Final discussion with your advisor


The Second Opinion quickly gives you concrete points to fine-tune and improve your internal marketing plan or communication plan. You will receive concrete suggestions for a successful roll-out of your plans.


The Second Opinion of BrandVitals works with a clear and unambiguously described format. For a set amount of € 1,250,- you can get started with a successful implementation.

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