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A sound advice and nice plans are valuable. But the execution and the proof with clear results often form a challenge.

A lot of internal communication and change communication fails due to an ill-considered implementation. As creative as the solution may be, the most important is the way you bring your message to your target group. Here you have a wide range of possibilities.

Indoor Actions

Posters, billboards or screens can be placed in strategic places in your company building(s). You can also send announcements via email or intranet. You can use desk-drops or locker-cards. And of course, the personal magazine is a good channel as well.

Internal publications

Tailored to a specific target group you can work with informative bulletins, brochures, and manuals. Bulletins for managers and project leaders.

Internal Events

Successes have to be celebrated! Think about product launches or new services. End of year meetings, anniversaries or other celebrations. But also commercial successes, completion of a project or new policies such as 'sustainable business' or 'employees health'.

We like to support you with the realization of your objectives in word and deed. We strive for visual, powerful, interactive and surprising tools to achieve the objectives pursued.