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Staff magazine

The staff magazine is still a powerful instrument in internal communication. It is clear that intranet is cheaper than a printed staff magazine. No designers, printers and less photography bring a considerable saving. But do you reach the same goals with the digital version as you do with the printed staff magazine?

Intranet versus Staff magazine

Intranet is a fine medium to inform your employees about current affairs, it is faster and more direct and it even has room for background information. The staff magazine is still the most appropriate medium to create commitment and bind employees. The staff magazine is read with more attention, people take their time. The staff magazine is taken home, so also family and friends can read the information. There is a more intense experience!

Your Staff magazine in the communication mix

Do you have a staff magazine and do you want a second opinion regarding the effectiveness? Or do you want to investigate in what way a staff magazine can be of added value in your internal communication channels? We will be happy to help and advise you.


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