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Internal branding

The brand, product or name plays an important role in the marketing of your company. This way your company tries to obtain a preferred position in the mindset of her customers. It is often forgotten that the brand promise also has to be positioned in the mindset of the employees. Attitude, behavior and the way of working have a large impact on customers. BrandVitals supports you in developing your internal branding and the internal selling of your brand concept. 


We use a broad range of tools to accomplish this. From newsletters, posters and other traditional media to Intranet - SharePoint, Social Media and other digital media. But also workshops, training, events, films and PowerPoint presentations.


  1. Make sure that brand values match company values and company culture
  2. Make sure that employees support the brand
  3. Strengthen and repeat the brand values and corresponding behavior

BrandVitals provides a concrete internal branding concept and supports you with the implementation.


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